• BDT and MDT booms
  • BDT and MDT booms


BDT and MDT booms


BDT boom
All the tunnel entrances are joined by concrete pipes and hoses. In the central position there is a concrete manual distributor with a rotating arm attached to the structure by a slewing ring which allows connection with the desired mouth.
The equipment can be supplied with a minimum of 10 entrances or on request according to the specifications of the work. 
Pipe of 5.5" with 125 mm. 
The drive is completely manual.
MDT boom
Concrete distributor arm assembled on a rail. 
Concrete pipe ∅ 125 mm 
Hydraulic activation in the joints of the entrances of the tunnel. 
Oscillations on the output curve according to the specifications of the work.

Technical data (pdf)
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