• Robot BR-830
  • Robot BR-830

Bronze Award of New Machine Developments at SMOPYC Fair 2011.

The concrete pump has been designed considering the full range of projection and shotcrete works of tunnels, mining works, ditches and slopes. Furthermore the equipment can both function by means of an electric motor or Diesel engine, according to the needs of each work, whether underground or in the open air.


Robot BR-830


Engine: Diesel motor
Power output: 93 Kw, compliance with EPATier3
Steering: Hydraulic powered 4-wheel steering
Cooling: Water 
Transmission: Hydrostatic transmission with automatic adjustment for 4-wheels drive 
Travel speed: 0-20 km/h
Braking system: Service brake: hydraulic multi-disk brakes in oil bath for 4 wheels.
Parking brake: hydraulic multi-disk brakes in oil bath for 2 wheels.
Turning radius: Inner:  2,6 m Outer: 6,1 m
Travel direction: Bi-directional travel, the operator’s seat can swivel 180°
Climbing ability: 40%
Model BS-1307
Pumping capacity: 4 - 30 m3/h
Maximum concrete pressure: 70 bar
Transports cylinder diameter: 180 mm
Transport cylinder stroke: 1100 mm
Hopper capacity: 450 l
Diesel engine power: 75 Kw
Electric motor power: 55 Kw
Model PS-18/80
Number of articulated arms: 2
Rotation of the second arm: 240° 
Length 1st telescopic extension: 2 m
Length 2nd telescopic extension: 2,25 m
Maximum vertical projection: 18,25 m
Maximum horizontal distance projection: 16,10 m 
Pipe diameter: 80 mm

Head projector with 3 movements.
Projector with hose for additive and air.
Four hydraulic stabilizers with side extension support for opencast working.

Technical data (pdf)
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