Small, but powerful and environmental friendly the SEBHSA BE-1505 is the perfect pump for concreting in halls, tunnels or the restoration of old building stock:
Maximum concrete output: 50 m³/h
Or Maximum concrete pressure: 50 bar


Engine: Electric 45 kW 
Maximum nominal output 50 m³ / h *
Maximum pressure 50 bar *
Pump cylinders 180 Ø x 1150 mm
Hopper capacity 400 l
* Maximum deliveries and distances cannot be attained simultaneously and depend invariable on the type and quality of concrete used, as well as on the diameter and run of the delivery pipe. 
· Driven by an emission free electric engine, environmental friendly and secure for all small to medium size concreting tasks under challenging conditions
· Compact design, light and easy to move, but robustly build and durable 
· Versatile in its deployability for distance conveyance, shotcrete or pre-cast applications
· Easy to use with minimal maintenance requirements  and low running cost

Technical data (pdf)
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