• Horizontal-horizontal rotational placing boom
  • Horizontal-horizontal rotational placing boom


Horizontal-horizontal rotational placing boom


These booms models are composed of two arms assembled on a base structure, the first element is attached to the base by a turn-crown and the second arm pivots with respect to the first one through a steel brace. 
The base of the distributor is assembled on four telescopic stabilizers adjustable in length and height. The base can be adapted to another structure according to the needs of the work.
The management of the boom is completely manual. Thanks to an articulation system of smooth running and perfect weight balance, one person alone can run without any effort the exit rim to the desired area, allowing an accurate distribution of the concrete in the entire area covered by the scope of the boom. 
For easy transport and storage, the boom is folding and easily removable.

Technical data (pdf)
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