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SEBHSA mortar pumps for compaction grouting

Sebhsa offers high-quality mortar pumping solutions for ground improvement with its mortar range of pumps.

Sebhsa offers the finest quality of mortar pumping solutions for ground improvement with its SEBHSA mortar pumps designed for the injection of low breakage and low mobility aggregate mortar.

We offer high-quality mortar pumping solutions for ground improvement and the compaction grouting technique. Our SEBHSA mortar pumps are specially designed for the injection of low-breakage and low-mobility aggregate mortar, which is required for this type of task. These SEBHSA mortar pumps offer smooth performance and are exceptionally robust and easy to handle.

SEBHSA mortar pumps are highly versatile for the compaction grouting technique and are available in a wide variety of options to suit the needs of each project. We offer mortar pumps, mounted on tracks or wheels, either electric or diesel powered, making them flexible and economical to use.

They are ideal for construction projects where ground improvement is required, such as in the construction of roads, bridges and buildings. These SEBHSA mortar pumps are capable of injecting low-breakage and low-mobility aggregate mortar into the ground, which helps improve its stability and resistance. Additionally, our SEBHSA mortar pumps are easy to use and offer exceptional performance, making them a cost effective option for any project.

We make sure that all of our SEBHSA mortar pumps are manufactured to the highest quality standards, to ensure that each customer gets the maximum performance and durability from their equipment. In addition, our team consisting of highly trained and experienced professionals is always available to offer advice and technical support to help you choose the right SEBHSA mortar pump for your project, and ensure that the equipment is tailor made to your project requirements.

In Sebhsa, we are committed to providing high-quality mortar pumping solutions that meet our customers' expectations. Our mission is to help our clients achieve success in their construction projects by offering the best equipment and technical support in the industry.

Key features

  • Fully hydraulic automation, without electrical elements. Provides absolute safety in operation.
  • Hydraulic pumps working in open circuit. This translates into total reliability and lower power consumption.
  • Oscillating valve with front outlet and rear support.
  • Total tightness with negligible pressure loss.
  • Automatic control system for piling and injection distance (management of injection cycles, control of volume, pressure and mortar consumption per step).
  • High pressure air compressor for pipe cleaning.
  • centralised automatic-lubrication system.

Technical specifications

Diesel engine
Max. flow output
Max. concrete pressure
D. pumping cylinders
30 kW
160 m³/h
90 bar
180 Ø x 1400 mm

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