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SEBHSA pumps for sludge and slurries

SEBHSA provides a range of industrial pumps for sludge and slurries: the anti-clogging pumping solution for the most difficult applications.

SEBHSA industrial pumps for sludge and slurries: the anti-clogging pumping solution for the most difficult applications.

Our dedication to innovation and excellence in the construction of industrial sludge and slurry pumps is perfectly showcased. Our products are specifically designed for high sludge industrial pumping applications, and our technology covers a wide variety of pumping applications.

We know that in harsh conditions with sand, mud, rocks and sludge, normal dredge pumps can fail, causing expensive downtime. That is why our SEBHSA sludge and slurry pumps are designed with the necessary tolerance to pump large sludge, ensuring maximum uptime and high production rates in any industry that works with abrasives, sludge and high viscosity materials.

Our SEBHSA sludge and slurry pumps are ideal for a wide variety of applications: process pumping, mining, wastewater, chemical industry, oil industry, slurry, paper/pulp, dredging, pumping fly ash, coal ash and many more applications. In addition, the careful choice of pump body and diaphragm materials makes these pumps suitable for moving abrasive liquids and liquids containing large suspended sludge or filaments of solid material by-products of production processes. Our SEBHSA sludge and slurry pumps are suitable for moving liquids that contain the most varied solutions of chemical products, contaminants or other types of substances, also in solid form.

At SEBHSA, we are quite delighted to offer high-quality pumping solutions that enable our customers to increase productivity and minimise downtime. Contact us to find out more about our SEBHSA sludge and slurry pumps and how they can help you in your most difficult pumping applications.

Key features

  • Front outlet swing valve. It provides total tightness and a negligible head loss, with which difficult masses can be pumped over long distances, with low
  • pumping pressures.
  • Fully hydraulic automation, without electrical elements (limit switches, relays, solenoid valves, switches, etc.) for absolute operating safety.
  • Hydraulic pumps working in open circuit, for total reliability and lower energy consumption.
  • Start-stop-inversion commands and control manometer.
  • Complete electronic equipment for protection against overloads, phase loss fault or incorrect engine rotation direction.
  • Simple wear parts, very long lasting and easy to replace.

Technical specifications

Max. pressure
Max. flow output
Hopper capacity
D. pumping cylinders
70 kW
70 m³/h
260 bar
180 Ø x 1600 mm

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